Santa Monica Originals

The names below are just a sampling of some of the international physical-fitness stars who became celebrities exclusively from Muscle Beach in Santa Monica:

– Steve “Hercules” Reeves
International movie star and champion bodybuilder

– Jack LaLanne
Television and international fitness celebrity

– Joe Gold
Founder of Gold’s Gym and World Gym
Pioneer weightlifter, bodybuilder and star volleyball player

– George Eiferman
“Mr. Universe”

– Armand Tanny
One of the greatest physiques from Muscle Beach

– Bert Goodrich
First “Mr. America”

– Russ Saunders
Celebrated gymnast and Stuntman for Gene Kelley

– Harold Zinken
Founder of Universal Gym fitness equipment and celebrity gymnast / bodybuilder

– Pudgy Stockton
Pioneer woman weightlifter and bodybuilder

…. and dozens more

The photos below are of Armand Tanny and Pudgy Stockton

Armand Tanny

muscle beach armand tanny

Pudgy Stockton